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A short course in “Persian Professional Culinary” for foreign guests

Horizon international institute , is a member of Asia Pacific Educational and Training in Tourism (APETIT), affiliated to the United Nations (UN) ,  and  a  member  of  European   Association   of   Hospitality  and  Tourism   Education  EURHODIP . membership  of  World  Association  of  Chefs  Societies World Chefs  & Affiliate   members  of  World  Tourism Organization  UNWTO  . Regarding the high cost of short-term culinary courses in other countries, Horizon institute is holding short and crashed courses in “Persian Professional Culinary” in English in 16-hour courses, in order to familiarize foreign guests and Persian culinary enthusiasts with Persian cuisine.

In case of a group request, it is possible to set the time of the course as you request.

The “Persian Professional Culinary” training course fee for each person, including the cost of material and cleaner  is

  per person

  150  $

  4      Hour

  level   1

  per person

  300  $

  8      Hour

  level   2

  per person

  450  $

  12    Hour

  level   3

  per person

  600  $

  16    Hour

  level   4

  per person        

  75    $             



  per person      

  55    $             


  photo & video


For further information, reserving and course arrangements, please contact your Travel Agency or

                       Ms. Sara Homayouni                      +989355557369

                                          Telegram:                      +989355557369

                                          Institute  Phon No.:      +98 21 88 49 00 49

Check the website of the institute: www.horizontourism.ir

Persian Culinary Adventures  

Persian Culinary Adventures

From North to the South, East to the west Iran's multicultural population offers a vast spectrum of delicious mouth watering food. By the shore of the Caspian Sea you can enjoy the Shomali cuisine which mostly consists of fresh or smoked fish, rice, extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs, garlic, lemon and lime. As you travel to the centre of Iran, Middle Eastern cuisine concurs the culinary diet of majority, where you can splurge on modern or traditional restaurants, relish on lamb kebabs, chicken kebabs, shishlik with saffron rice. Further south, to the Persian Gulf that has the most beautiful sunsets, you can experience a totally different lifestyle and culture, which both influences the cuisine of the south, that mostly consist of fish shrimp and variety of spices.

Persian restaurants in Europe and United States are mostly famous for their kebabs and saffron rice, but when it comes to food Iran has more to offer from mixed rice dishes, traditional soups, stews, to liver and heart kebobs, slow cooked oat with sheep's meat, and a delicious soup that is freshly made from sheep's entire head and feet. These dishes are the most traditional Iranian foods.

When it comes to bread, Iran offers multiple kinds of flat bread, freshly baked everyday at the “Naanvaie” which is a store that only bakes bread. All breads are baked in the special traditional ovens, that are usually a whole in the wall, and gets hot with a real fire. The smell of these fresh breads at Naanvaies is unforgettable. All the dishes in Iran are served with either rice or bread, and sometimes both, as well as yogurt, pickled vegetables, and fresh herbs. Over the above the real magic happens in the kitchen, where Persian chefs and cooks chop herbs and vegetables, grind and mix spices, and slow cook, roast, and fry their food.

Discover Iran's authentic cuisine, beyond juicy kebabs and fluffy rice, step in Horizon’s kitchen and learn the magic of Iranian chefs as they teach you the ingredients, spices and techniques of Iranian traditional cuisine. Horizon offers multiple culinary tours, which includes shopping for ingredients, hands on culinary training, tasting and enjoying the traditional Persian food.

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